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"Locked Out" with Andrea von Kampen

We’ve got new music out TODAY - a piano version of "Locked Out," with vocals from our former tour mate Andrea von Kampen.

This is the second in a series of alternate and collaborative versions of Juniors tracks that we’re calling JV Team Editions. We came up with this rendition while messing around on a piano at Gregory Alan Isakov‘s farm out in Boulder.

When we eventually captured a performance of it, we thought we’d leave room for another voice to sing the second verse, and we thought Andrea’s voice was the one we needed. We didn’t write this song for piano, but we think it really helps capture the intent - the commitment and the heartache of the supporting someone through anxiety and depression.

Summer Touring

Today we're announcing a bunch of new September tour dates! We’ll (FINALLY) be headed back to some of our fav towns on the east coast en route to Americana Fest in Nashville, and be joined on most of them by Tow'rs

If you purchased a ticket to one of January shows in Brooklyn, Carrboro or Washington, DC, you'll be able to use them for these new shows. Folks in Philly will need to get new tickets since we're playing a new venue.

We're playing a few shows in June when we get back from our time in Nashville with Ben Folds, including a free outdoor show in Westport, Connecticut and we've got some July dates up our sleeve and that we'll be announcing shortly.

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