Tall Heights

Introducing Juniors

an artist only gets to say this a handful times in a career, so we're really savoring this moment...

PROUDLY announcing our new album, Juniors, out everywhere on January 14, 2022. more than any of our others, Juniors is an open diary of a record that percolated through a time of extreme personal change, turmoil, joy, fear, and love. it's an album that taught us a lot about ourselves as artists and men. we've already shared 3 of the songs from the album. more to come before release day!

the twelve-track album features art by Will Whittington and we've launched signed CD & LP pre-orders in our web store. we'll be signing each pre-ordered copy so hand cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome, here we come! we decided to self-release Juniors so every pre-order supports us 100%. while you're in the web store, be sure to check out the new merch items created by Daniel Hawkins, Michael Penda, Stephanie O'Byrne and Laura Supnik.

if you're more of a digital music person, you can pre-save the album on Apple Music and Spotify. it's a small thing, but it helps us a lot.

last, but not least, if you're one of our top listeners on Spotify (no idea how they figure this out 🤷 ) keep an eye on your inbox for a special offer from Spotify. we've made 200 green LPs just for you / them.

"Hear It Again" Out Today

Today we launch a new song of yearning, "Hear It Again," out now everywhere you get music. "Hear It Again" is about the blurry lines between home and touring. we started it on tour with Ben Folds and finished and recorded it deep within pandemic isolation. accordingly, it is impregnated with this tension between 2 lost sanctuaries : home at home and home on the road. as the lines smear between the two, ultimately a feeling prevails that there is only one course back to peace for us : back on tour! oh and how our wish came true, huh?

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