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Summer Touring

Today we're announcing a bunch of new September tour dates! We’ll (FINALLY) be headed back to some of our fav towns on the east coast en route to Americana Fest in Nashville, and be joined on most of them by Tow'rs

If you purchased a ticket to one of January shows in Brooklyn, Carrboro or Washington, DC, you'll be able to use them for these new shows. Folks in Philly will need to get new tickets since we're playing a new venue.

We're playing a few shows in June when we get back from our time in Nashville with Ben Folds, including a free outdoor show in Westport, Connecticut and we've got some July dates up our sleeve and that we'll be announcing shortly.

Juniors Is Here

it is with great pride and excitement that we say to you today: Juniors is here, listen now

we spent over 2 years on this full length album, it's honestly surreal and a little frightening to turn it over now. but we know 2 things are true: 

1) our fans are good, kind, thoughtful people. of any band watching their baby bird leave the nest, we can rest easier knowing it will find some of the greatest stewards we could imagine.

2) we gave this thing our absolute everything, we have nothing to regret because it is authentically us. it is very, very (perhaps at times frighteningly) real.

ok! enjoy it, and please, if you would, share share share, and press all the "like" and heart-shaped buttons on all the listening things!

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